The 5 Most Annoying Walkers

Back in college, my friends – specifically Jen Addy – used to say, “Walk with a purpose Amanda!”  I would be in la la land and not paying attention where I was going. Moving super slow. Walk with a purpose was nice code for hurry the fuck up. After living in Chicago for three and a half […]

Confessions of a 25-year-old

I’m not gonna lie, the mid-twenties are ruthless years. They have no sympathy for you. They tell you to try things out, make mistakes, seek out the unknown, get hurt, learn. They have you waking up one morning feeling like a giddy kid at the candy store, like you have your life totally together, like you are on […]

6 Brutally Bothersome Things [The Vent Blog]

In no particular order, these things suck. Do you feel my pain? 1) The squishy mouth noise You know that noise when someone is eating and you hear the swish of the food in their mouth? Ya, you know what I mean. Fingers on the chalkboard status. AmIRight? I’m not gonna lie, I am guilty of the swishy mouth noise. […]

10 Tips To Life

Am I wrong in saying we all are trying to figure out life and how to optimize our happiness? Especially those in their twenties undergoing the “Quarter Life Crisis” phenomena that our superiors are so dubious of. It exists. I promise. I constantly try to be proactive and figure out ways to enhance my lifestyle […]

How To Be Mindful [Power Of The Mind]

Do you ever feel like it’s as if you’re on cruise control? You go through your day and complete everything, but it’s almost like you weren’t there. You said hi to your co-worker, but if someone asked what he or she was wearing you would have no idea.  You ate your lunch, but if someone asked to […]

BIG Hair Don’t Care

Hey blog friends! The bigger the better, right? Big dreams, big muscles, big bonuses, big you know what . . . Hehe. Well sorry to get your hopes up, but this blog has nothing to do with those big things. This is all about BIG HAIR. And ROCKING IT. Before I begin, however, I want […]


When someone says extrovert, what do you think? Social butterfly…life of the party….people person… Now, how about introvert? Shy and reserved…likes to stay in…smaller social circle…. That’s what I thought my entire life. And with those definitions, I firmly believed I was an extrovert. The super bubbly, has major fomo so always goes out, and […]