cropped-11828755_10205179923280080_1216114472273923410_n1.jpgHi everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog. You will find that my theme is kind of all over the place. Just like me 🙂

Many of my pieces are about hardships that I have faced in my twenties. I like to write about real life, real things, and I think there is something beautiful about sharing your vulnerabilities and experiences.

A little about me?

I’m a Midwestern girl born and raised in St. Louis. I went to Indiana University, currently live in Chicago, and work in mobile marketing. In my free time, I love to write and have done some fun pieces for Thrillist.  I’m also  a huge foodie, animal lover, horoscope junkie, and travel enthusiast.

I am big on personal growth and taking risks. think life is too short to deny yourself an adventure or new experience. So, I hope you enjoy my journey of figuring myself out, and maybe you can take something away from this too.

Thanks again for visiting!




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there, 27 white male here from Chicago. Was interested in in trying some new experiences. Everything I’ve read sounds very interesting.. thank you very much..


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