Things Guys Say that Make Girls CRINGE


Whew! Where to begin!? I could probably write a thousand of these blogs filled with all kinds of thoughts. Butttttt, I am gonna try to make this one short and sweet. To the point.

So with that said, this piece is centered on 10 things guys say – in person and via text – that drive us ladies nuts.

These are from my own personal experiences, as well as friends.

1) Hey sorry, didn’t see your text

As Matthew Mcconaughey would say from How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, “Bullshit! Everyone has their phone on them, bro. You saw the text. Stop lying.

2) Want to split the check?

Not trying to be a princess – BUT – there is nothing that turns me off more than a cheap date. And if I go one, I can assure you there will not be date number two.

One memory comes to mind. A guy took me out for sushi a while back, and the date went pretty well. Even when the check came he played all his cards right. Until I said,
“Thank you for dinner” and he proceeded with saying, “Of course. You got the tip?” #BYEFELICIA.

Rule of thumb?  When a guy asks you out, he should pay. Until you guys are actually dating or in a relationship (then who pays is fair game) guys need to put on their big boy pants, throw out some twenty dollar bills, and impress the girl. Especially if they’re trying to get some dessert 😉

3) Sorry, I’ve been busy

Oh my god, guys. Come ONNNN. This is like the oldest one in the books. I’ve even used this one.

Women actually DESPISE when you say this.

Ultimately, it makes us feel unworthy of your valuable, oh so precious time. You know, like, those 10 seconds to shoot a text over to ask us how our day is. The truth of the matter is that we are not a priority to you. If you were really interested (unless you are the one percent that does not communicate via text) then you would have messaged us already and not have had to use that as an excuse.

4) Will you [Insert Sexual Language] to me?

Disgusting. I’ve had friends tell me that a guy pushed their head down or asked them to do X,Y,Z. Let me put it straight, fellas. If a girl wants to perform a sexual deed, she will. Do not ask. Do not gently nudge. Just don’t. It’s rude and will probably get you less ass then you were gonna get before.

5) Where do you want to go?

I’m not talking about the long-term relationship people. I’m talking about all the first, second, and third time daters. The Bumble, Tinder, Jswipe, Happn crowds.

When a girl is going out on a date with you, she does not want to plan it. It’s just the truth. This is your time to impress, and major points will be deducted if you ask the girl where to go.

6) Want to come over? (After date)

OK, I guess this depends on the situation. If the two of you are really feelin’ one another and the girl is giving off the vibe that, yes, in fact she actually does want to come over, then I suppose it is alright.

But generally for me, if a guy asks that in the beginning, I lose some interest. I automatically assume all he wants is the boo-tay.

Be patient, guys. Your reward will come.

7) What are you doing tonight? 

In the beginning, when a girl really likes you, she’s fragile! A delicate flower! She might not show it, but she’s waiting to hear from you, dissecting your texts, hoping to see you, praying it’s soon. She wants assurance that her feelings for you are mutual.

So while communication is important as mentioned above, so is actually making an effort to see her.

We’re all busy. We’ve all got lives. Don’t try to make plans with us the night of. Just shows that you don’t really care to put in the effort and don’t value her time. Seeing her is a last resort.

We understand some work schedules are actually crazy, but then at least be up front about that and don’t leave us hangin’.

8) You’re being crazy

When a guy says that to a girl….her reaction?

WHAT YOU SAY B**** A** MOTHER F*****!?!??!?!??!

Hehe. Oops. That wasn’t me. Love you.

But no, real talk. That’s a big no no. Such a slap in the face when a guy says that to a girl. We are emotional, sensitive creatures!!! Respect our crazy and don’t call us that again. Or…..YOU GONNA SEE THE CRAZY LIKE YOU NEV SEEN BEFORE BOY!!!!!

Ok, now where were we? 🙂

9) It’s just not good timing for me

I’ve had my fair share of saying this, so I’m being a hypocrite. But with that said, I really do think that if you are genuinely interested in the person, then you won’t let them go. Even if it is a crazy time in your life (though you could be bullshitting when saying that)

I think saying, “It’s just not good timing for me” is translation for, “I’m just not that into you.” Or, “You’re not the one. Or, “I like you, but not enough.”

And it feels like shit hearing that from someone.

Several years ago, I was totally smitten for this guy. Both the physical attraction and emotional connection were there. Thought it was going somewhere. After about a month, however, it fizzled out. And it ended with him saying how this was just such a crazy time in his life, work was so busy, he barely even had time for his friends and family, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Three months later he was dating another girl. Several months after that he found someone else. And before I knew it, he was ENGAGED!

So, cut the crap and just say it how it is. Give us some closure. Don’t take the easy way out.

10) When they don’t say anything

When they ghost your ass. Really!??!

Well that was fun. Nice knowin’ ya images.jpg

OK, time for me to ghost out too. Please share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences as well! Am I totally off with some of this stuff or can you relate?


❤ Panda


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