9 Signs You’re Growing Up

The mid-twenties are strange years. You’re still kind of a big kid at heart, but you’re past the age of being able to (and wanting to) do 21-year-old like things.

Below are nine things that indicate I’m growing up. Can you relate?

1) I no longer have fomo
I used to live for the weekends. I couldn’t wait to get into my party dress and heels and strut the club like it was my job. So superficial, but all I cared about was looking hot and meeting guys.

Now, I am the happiest girl alive when I have a chill weekend in and have no commitments. I am so content with staying home and doing nothing, and I love my me, zen time.

2) The presents I want
My mom recently asked me what I wanted for my birthday and Chanukah, and I sent her a list. Some of the items? A Nutribullet smoothie maker, a clothes steamer, and some other totally random gadgets I need for adult life.

3) It’s my last hoorah 
I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I feel like now’s my last chance to do what I want. To be selfish. To experiment. To make mistakes. To embrace spontaneity and get all of the things out of my system before really becoming an adult – like marriage life, and kids, and all that stuff.

4) I am almost closer to 30 than 20
In a month and a half, I will be 26. That means I will no longer be in my mid-twenties. Eeee. But with that said, someone once told me that women peak at 26. I hope that’s true.

5) The hangover is really bad
Before, hangovers were just physical. Now, they’re so damn emotional. I don’t really like drinking a ton anymore anyways, but when I do, the next day is like a Lifestyle movie for me. Sad and dramatic and all over the place. It’s the worst.

6) I really want a dog
I’ve always been a dog lover, but now I am OBSESSING over the idea. I want to be responsible for this cute, cuddly creature, and I want that unconditional love. I already have a name in mind, and I’ve been starting to do my research on ones to adopt. Don’t you dare tell me I am making a mistake!

7) I look at guys’ hands
I don’t even mean to, but when I am checking out a guy my eyes automatically look at his ring finger. Is he single or married!? Crazy that I am at the age where it could easily be either. But with that said, please be single…

8) I judge teens in skimpy clothes
I’m like the biggest hypocrite in the world. I’m looking at teens and judging them for wearing slutty stuff when only several years ago I was wearing the same skin tight black dress or booty shorts from forever 21. I’m probably just jealous or something.

9) People are moving away
Yep, it is happening. And it sucks!

What adult-like signs do you have?


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