10 Tips To Life

Am I wrong in saying we all are trying to figure out life and how to optimize our happiness? Especially those in their twenties undergoing the “Quarter Life Crisis” phenomena that our superiors are so dubious of. It exists. I promise.

I constantly try to be proactive and figure out ways to enhance my lifestyle and better myself both mentally and physically. I’m nowhere near the end of this self-discovery process and my journey has just begun, but here’s a list of 10 tips that have put me in the right direction.

1. Be Unconditional 

Giving without expecting anything in return is such a beautiful, pure quality, and there is research that states kindness makes you happy. When you partake in a kind deed, evidence shows that correlates to happiness.

Recently,  I went grocery shopping, and on the way to the store I walked past a smiling homeless lady. She didn’t ask for money or food. She jut sat there and wished me a good day. On my way home, I offered her a banana. “I would love a banana,” she said with a warm smile. After giving her the banana, I then continued walking, turned around, and there she was eating and smiling and waving at me.  I knew she would never be able to give me anything in return and nor was I seeking that, but the happiness she received in my gesture made me so happy.

2. Just Be

Sometimes (or many times) you are just having an awful day. Maybe you can’t get your mind off something, replaying it over and over again. Maybe you can’t seem to stop thinking about the future and how a certain situation is going to pan out. The Dalai Lama says, “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.” I love that quote, and it really resonates with me. The meaning of the quote also allows you to take unneeded anxiety and weight off your shoulders, because you cannot erase what already happened and you cannot control what will be. Just be in the present, and everything else will work out as it should.

3. Have A Clean Space 

I can be very disorganized. And scatterbrained. Like scrambled eggs status. When I organize everything and clean, however, I feel like I am also sweeping up my head. Whipping up those scrambled eggs into a nice, compact omelette. Afterwards, I feel so much more sane and put together. I think the reflection of your life is how you feel inside, so clean up!

4. Eat Clean

Not only should you have a clean space, but you should also have clean eating habits. You are fueling yourself with what you put in your body. You look and feel like what you eat. Be kind to yourself and nurture yourself with healthy, nutritional food. Your body is the only space you have to live in forever, so why not make it the best it can be? And the same goes with your mind. Don’t feed your thoughts toxic food and negativity.

5. Exercise At Least 3x A Week

Exercise is my savior. Of course there are the physical health benefits, but it’s so much more than just that. It’s such a mental release. When I am running, it’s like I am dumping all my thoughts and negativity onto the road in front of me and squashing them each time my foot hits the pavement. After working out, I feel so much better. So much more clear. Exercise is also a great way to practice tip #2 and just be. Focus on the weights or on your cardio. How can you improve? What does your placement look like? How does this make each part of your body feel? This connects you to the now.

6. Say Please And Thank You

Be polite and grateful. Not gonna lie, I don’t judge much, but one of the things that I do judge is when someone does not say please or thank you. Show your manners and class. Chivalry is not dead!

7. Ask People Questions

Do you ever feel like you are “off?” Like you can’t connect with someone or the conversation is not fluid. Or maybe you are just not feeling like yourself and can’t seem to say anything right. If you can relate, then for starters, resort to tip #2 and just be. After you accept that this is how you are and how you feel in this very moment and you cannot change that, then start asking questions to the person you are talking to. Once you start asking questions, they really open up and the conversation blossoms. You learn interesting information about them. Plus, we all like to talk about ourselves. Right?

Everyone has his or her own story, and you have no idea what is behind their facade. By asking questions, I have connected on deeper levels. I’ve learned of tragic incidents, family relationships, hidden passions and skills, and so much more. In the beginning, I may have felt awkward or “off” but in the end, I left the conversation thinking of all the value it brought.

8. Smile At A Stranger

We don’t smile enough! 🙂 You would be surprised how this small gesture can increase your happiness. It’s a warm and intimate exchange. “A pleased, kind, or amused facial expression,” is the definition of a smile. So if we wear that on our face, is it crazy to think that could correlate to how we feel too? Try it out.

9. Make Eye Contact During Conversation

Show the people with whom you talk to that you are engaged in the conversation by looking at them when they speak. I understand some individuals have a difficult time with eye contact due to personal reasons such as confidence, but I think this is such an important element to connectivity. When you are speaking and the other individual is looking around the room, it just doesn’t feel good. It makes you feel like they don’t care about what you are saying and that they have better things to do than listen. Eye contact is crucial man. Just do it. Nike style.

10. Take A Risk

Who cares if it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped. If you didn’t try, it would never have happened anyways. But on the other hand, something great could happen. You just never know. So, take a risk. Why not? Yolo. Sorry, I know some of you hate that word. But, it’s just the perfect explanation for this tip. Sawwyyyy.

I hope you enjoyed these ten tips. If you have any favorites you would like to share, I would love to hear! ❤



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