The “Hi” Experiment

I was feeling really off today. Just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. My conversations felt awkward and forced, my body felt tired and slow, I was totally overthinking everything, and I was just all around in a bad mood.

At almost noon, I got a text.


My close friend from St. Louis, Spencer Mason, had recently introduced me to a new phenomena in which I later deemed, “The Hi Experiment.”


Today, as I was on the verge of throwing my hands up in surrender of having a plain awful day and basking in my horrible mood, I decided to give the hi a try. Why not do a social experiment? I have nothing to lose as I am already in a monstrous mood.

So around 1:30pm, I put on my coat and a smile and ventured outside to master my “hi”. This sounded silly, I thought. But I was going to do it for Spencer, and I was curious to see the result.

At first I was nervous. All I have to do is make eye contact, smile, and say hi, I thought. It’s so simple..why is this so hard for me?

I attempted saying hi to several cute guys I walked by, but I panicked!


And then after the butterflies subsided, the awkwardness came into play. I was trying to make eye contact, but everyone kept looking away. When I finally would lock eyes, I would smile and then murmur an awkward half-ass hi, which did not get a response to my dismay.


But then, something changed……

At first, I started to think about the true concept in which I was experimenting. A simple hi, a two letter one syllable word, had so much power over me. It felt like this awkwardly intimate, uncomfortable stretch of time that I wanted to quickly end.


So many people (myself included) do not stop to appreciate their surroundings and peers. When walking past someone, we look down to avoid eye contact. When in the elevator, we look at our phones and pretend to text or read the news. The little things in life are happening around us 24/7, but we don’t stop to see the beauty or what “could be.”

This relates to the hi experiment, I promise.

When I really got into the rhythm of saying hi to people, I soon took notice of their reaction. Eyes lit up with kindness, and bashful smiles spread on faces. I read the different emotions carried on each individuals’s face….tired, awake, happy, angry.

I then realized I saw the same people the beginning and end of my walk. Faces that I thought I would never see again and strangers with whom I had previously said hi to. I even said hi to a homeless woman, and before she could open her mouth to ask for money, she changed her mind and smiled and say hi instead.

As I only went on a short walk, I unfortunately did not have time to take my hi experiment to the next level and start up conversations. I did, however, come to a big discovery. Life is happening right here right now. Every day, every hour, every minute, and every second offers a new possibility or a new person introduced into your life.


Just by saying hi to someone, you could add more value and potential to your day. Give it a try and say hi 🙂 Thanks Spence, love you!


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