BIG Hair Don’t Care

Hey blog friends!

The bigger the better, right? Big dreams, big muscles, big bonuses, big you know what . . .


Well sorry to get your hopes up, but this blog has nothing to do with those big things. This is all about BIG HAIR.


Before I begin, however, I want to recommend DevaCurl to all girls with curly hair. I absolutely love the product, and it has transformed me forever into a true and loyal curly girl. I recommend the No Poo, Conditioner, Gel, and Cream for starters!

So, I got my hair cut today…….

And after brushing the curls out, you could basically hide in my hair. In fact, you could play Where is Waldo with the Jew fro I was rocking (in this case, where is Carrie?)


You like that boys?? MmM, sexy huh.

If you’re not into the frizzy, big hair look, then how about the slick cone head one?


Or the guedo Zoolander pose? That little flip in the front is pretty sexy too I know…

Boys, what’s this hairstyle called again? I am envisioning a guy with big oval shaped glasses holding too many books rocking this look.

Whatever the term is for slicked back hair and a flip in the front, please refrain from going out in public like this.


Here’s the sock bun (without a sock) look.


Oh, and here is Amanda and her mom look!


Space shuttle look is next….


Last but not least, the final masterpiece look!


Thank you so much Carrie Waller for doing my hair! I love it!

If you live in St. Louis and need a curly cut, check out Carrie at Drew Henry Salon & Gallery. She’s wonderful! And, her personality is just as great as her skill.

Also, just in case you are ever curious, her horoscope sign is a Cancer (one of my favorites…told ya I was a horoscope dork!)

Time to hit the town with the new hair! Remember, go big or go home!!! Or, just go big and then go home.

Panda Kisses ❤


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