Things Guys Say that Make Girls CRINGE

Men. Whew! Where to begin!? I could probably write a thousand of these blogs filled with all kinds of thoughts. Butttttt, I am gonna try to make this one short and sweet. To the point. So with that said, this piece is centered on 10 things guys say – in person and via text – that drive us ladies nuts. […]

Dating Apps 101: What NOT to do

I’m no dating app pro or anything. I’d say my game is average at best. I’ll throw out a witty line here and there and give myself a pat on the shoulder, but most of the time if I am using them, I’m twiddling my thumbs trying to figure out something cool to say. But […]

Shit Girls Say and Do [Like Myself]

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I say some pretty stupid shit. In the moment, I feel like it’s fine. But reflecting later on, I’m like, “Seriously Amanda!?” Well, I wanna talk about it. Let it out. Share some of the stuff that myself, my friends, and most likely other women say or do behind closed doors. So, […]

There was a before, and there is a beyond

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in something “negative” that we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have laser focus on this bad situation, person, or thing, and it seems like we will never feel better. Or that good cannot come out of what happened. I’m the queen of dwelling. Reminiscing in something […]

Songs, songs, songs

My blog topics are all pretty random. A thought pops up in my head or I just have this impulsive desire to share weird information with the public… So with that said, I wanted to write a piece outlining some of my go-to songs per emotion/activity.  Whether you wanna get totally freaky in bed or […]

9 Signs You’re Growing Up

The mid-twenties are strange years. You’re still kind of a big kid at heart, but you’re past the age of being able to (and wanting to) do 21-year-old like things. Below are nine things that indicate I’m growing up. Can you relate? 1) I no longer have fomo I used to live for the weekends. I couldn’t wait to […]

The 5 Most Annoying Walkers

Back in college, my friends – specifically Jen Addy – used to say, “Walk with a purpose Amanda!”  I would be in la la land and not paying attention where I was going. Moving super slow. Walk with a purpose was nice code for hurry the fuck up. After living in Chicago for three and a half […]

Confessions of a 25-year-old

I’m not gonna lie, the mid-twenties are ruthless years. They have no sympathy for you. They tell you to try things out, make mistakes, seek out the unknown, get hurt, learn. They have you waking up one morning feeling like a giddy kid at the candy store, like you have your life totally together, like you are on […]